Dr Dennis performed emergency surgery to control brain swelling after my wife suffered a major stroke. He acted very quickly and decisively working well into the early hours of the morning and then returned to personally check on her first thing next morning and at least twice each day (that I saw) next days. I truly believe he saved her life, and put her in a position to have the best chances at recovery from the stroke. Thank you Dr Dennis!

~ Anonymous

What a fantastic experience!!

I was having neck pain that was radiating down my arm and causing numbness in my fingers. After trying a chiropractor, then cortisone shots, my doctor said the only thing left, was to see a surgeon. She recommended Dr Dennis. He told me that I had a herniated disk in my neck. The only way to get relief would be to perform an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). I went into surgery a little nervous, but am so thankful that I did it. Immediately after the surgery, I felt instant relief! The pain in my neck and arm, and numbness in my fingers was gone! I felt better than I had in months! Dr Dennis suggested that I go to physical therapy. I didn’t think I needed PT, but man was I surprised! Within weeks, I was released from PT and back to all my regular activities. I would recommend Dr Dennis to anyone that needs spine surgery. He is thorough, concise and very knowledgeable in his field!

~ Jill D.

Dr Dennis saved my husband’s life! My husband was having complications with his shunt that was placed a few years back and Dr Dennis recognized that and took appropriate measures to ensure no more complications for a long time! He is a very caring and listening doctor! He came to see my husband every day while in his care in the hospital. I’m very thankful!

~ Kim C.

Dr Gary Dennis saved my life. I had two hematomas pushing on my spinal cord quickly making me a quadropelegic. Dr Dennis operated from 1am to 6am to delicately perform a laminectomy. His bedside manner was wonderful. He checked on me more than any surgeon has ever done. When I go back for followups he spends as much time as needed, and never rushes me out the door. I highly recommend this man to everyone.

~ Tina C. A.

I had a brain tumor which was removed by Dr Dennis. I was really scared, but each time I called his office with questions, he called me back himself. Dr Dennis and his staff answered all my questions & reassured me. I had a successful recovery! They make me feel like family.

~ Edna J.

Dr Dennis was willing to do what no other surgeon was willing to do to help me. After being referred by my pain management doctor to multiple surgeons, months had gone by without any surgery. But when I was finally referred to Dr Dennis, within a week, he and his staff received approval from my insurance company, completed surgery with extra precautions in place, and I was on the road to recovery. Dr Dennis was courteous, kind and truly cared about my well-being.

~ Bhuwan A.

I had been taking as many as 16 different types of pain meds for 10 years, until I met Dr Dennis. He did surgery on my back and fixed all my pain problems. I would like to thank Dr Dennis an would advise anyone who has back problems to see him.

~ Linda R.

I am 71 years old and have been pretty healthy most of my life. I needed a neurosurgeon after having suffered with sciatic nerve pain for 3 years. My insurance company referred me to Dr Dennis. Little did I know I was getting the surgeon in the country! He was great. He made me feel comfortable and was professional and thorough. My surgery was a complete success. He is the best!

~ Irma B.

I am so thankful for Dr Dennis. I met him one night while I was admitted to the emergency room. He was able to diagnose my problem and explained everything in detail. I am happy he believes in conservative treatment. We talked about my situation and decided to use two separate operations, instead of one dangerous and expensive one. He is quiet, kind, and extremely knowledgeable and always available. He has changed my life and I appreciate him.

~ Sheila T.

After being told I didn’t need surgery by another doctor, I came to Dr Dennis, because I could no longer stand the pain. After Dr Dennis took one look at my MRI, he told me that I had a major disc problem and the nerve root was involved. He took time to explain everything to me. His skilled hands have led to a speedy recovery. I’m doing things I never thought I would be able to do again. I would recommend Dr Dennis to anyone. Thank you and your team!

~ Richard N.

My Dad is doing so well. He went to his family doctor yesterday and the doctor was blown away as to how well Dad is moving. He said it just “amazing”. He asked Dad for Dr Dennis’ name. He wants to make referrals to Dr Dennis. You are all so kind and I want to thank you for taking care of my Daddy.

~ Debra C.

My pain was due to a fractured vertebra from a fall. From the time Dr Dennis stepped into the office, he was very professional, friendly and timely. This doctor went the extra mile. Awesome Team! I expect to refer other patients!

~ Lynn M.

Dr Dennis is a very gifted, patient and thorough neurosurgeon. I would highly recommend him for neurosurgical needs.

~ Cynthia S.

In September, after several days of experiencing episodes of numbness on my right side, I went to the emergency room. A CT scan revealed bleeding in my brain and I was transferred to a Baylor Hospital, where Dr Gary Dennis took over my care. The next day, he successfully operated to drain the subdural hematoma. Before surgery, Dr Dennis explained what needed to be done in a professional and reassuring manner. I am grateful for the care and concern Dr Dennis gave me during that scary time.

~ Benita M.

I had a blood clot in my head resting on my brain. Dr Dennis operated on me and it didn’t hurt at all. He came to check on me every day with his assistant. I had a very promising experience under Dr Dennis’ care.

~ Willie B Jr.

In October, Dr Dennis performed surgery on my back. For 18 months before that, I was in constant pain that kept me from performing well at work and kept me from doing things with my family. Since my surgery, I have no more pain and I am able to spend quality time with the people I love. Thank you Dr Dennis for all you’ve done.

~ Ruzica A.

I was in extreme pain, left arm tingling and going numb. Dr Dennis diagnosed the problem, scheduled the surgery. All was flawless including the recovery. Thanks Dr Dennis for the skill you provide, the personal concern for me as an individual and the professional way you handled my care.

~ Willie P.

If you need an excellent neurosurgeon, Dr Gary Dennis is the man to see. I could hardly walk from back and leg pain, and now I am walking fine! No pain!

~ Mildred L.

My arms were numb, and my vertebrae were pressing on my nerves and after surgery with Dr Dennis, No numbness! Doing great with a fast recovery!

~ Wanda C.